COVID-19 is temporarily changing the way we do our events. Your safety, and the safety of our partners and community, are of the utmost importance to us. Future live event have been cancelled or postponed. Upcoming events may be Virtual, so please check for event announcements.

Our Mission

BlueSunflower Foundation is a caring community which honors, supports and shines a light on organizations that promote positive social good through creativity, sustainability and thriving, bringing awareness to their work and the light they bring to the world

Our Vision

To Create a World Where Giving is the Key to Living Blue Sunflower…grow together

Grow Together

Sustainability: Self-renewing; Green; Responsible
Thriving: Health, Wellness, Sustenance
Creativity: Arts in All Forms; Innovation; Imagination; Individuality

Blue Sunflower Helps You Grow Your Events Grants Fundraising Sponsoring

We support authors, artists, craftspeople, musicians, poets, naturalists in promoting their events.

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